The staff at Canniesburn Care Home acknowledge that the older person who comes to live in the Care Home brings with them more than an illness or a condition when they are admitted. They bring with them their hopes , dreams, aspirations, ambitions, individual needs and a lifetime of memories and personal experiences.

Utilising a person centred approach to care means that each individual will be treated with respect and dignity allowing the development of a personal care plan tailored to each individual’s needs.

Via ongoing training provision and by recognising the skills and wisdom of the care home population, individuals are empowered to make a valuable contribution within their current residence. Despite disability and illness the community has been able to remove barriers and stigmas to redevelop the service, the mind-set, culture and environment to be able to provide the highest standards of care. In addition, multiple opportunities are available for interaction, rehabilitation, meaningful activity and learning to our residents living in this long-term skilled nursing facility. Therefore enhancing their journey through to the end of life and providing a true home from home.

The types of care include:

  • Residential Care

    We provide accommodation, meals and 24-hour personal care in a home from home setting for those who find it increasingly difficult to cope at home without assistance. In the course of time should a resident require more extensive nursing care, this can be taken care of without the need to move from your existing home.

  • General Nursing

    We provide twenty four hour nursing care for residents who are living with a variety of complex physical and mental health issues and are no longer able to continue living within their own home. Care is delivered by a team of professional qualified nurses and care assistants.

  • Dementia Care

    Canniesburn, as a leading provider of Dementia Care within the area, supports a growing number of individuals living with this condition which affects their cognitive functioning. Staff receive specialised training to enable them to support individuals through their journey with Dementia.

  • Palliative/End of Life Care

    Canniesburn provides 24 hour specialist end of life care invoilving the communituy based multidisciplinary team.

    Staff aim to provide the best quality of life for those who live here and who choose to remain within the home, through the journey to the end of their life. Ensuring care is delivered in a dignified and respectful manner in the comfort of a homely environment.

    Symptom management and the provision of psychological, social and spiritual support to the resident and their loved ones is paramount during this difficult and emotional time. Our staff are specially trained to provide the best possible support for individuals at this time.